Big Boy’s Toys!

It’s been nice to enjoy a bit of quiet time this week after the hectic take down of Edinburgh’s Christmas – the usual race against the transport schedule and keeping ahead of the other contractors.

It’s a  luxury to finally get the time to look properly at some fungi specimens from the Isle of Man, under the microscope, which have been nagging on my conscience for a couple of months.

The ‘take down’ in Princes Street Gardens and our other sites around Edinburgh is always a shock to the system after the Christmas break. This year the weather was kind to us though and we managed to keep well on top of it.

A highlight for me was when a passing young family stopped to watch the operations. One of my colleagues got on the radio and got the telehandler drivers to toot their horns for them as they buzzed around. The children’s eyes nearly popped out as we lifted the ‘Bothy Bar’ containers out of the Mound with a crane onto waiting lorries.

Bothy Bar
Bothy Bar

I was rewarded with a huge grin from their Dad as I took a moment, after I had finished directing the crane, to crouch down and tell them that you don’t grow up as you get older… …the toys just get bigger!