Scaly Tooth, Sarcodon squamosus1 Phylloporus sp. Orange Porecap, Favolaschia calocera Earpick Fungus, Auriscalpium vulgare Bitter beech bolete, Boletus calopus Wooly oyster, Humaria hemisphaerica Cauliflower fungus, Sparassis crispa Melastiza scotica Cordyceps forquignonii Brittle Gill, Russula sp. Lilac Waxcap, Hygrocybe lilacina Olive Earthtongue, Microglossum olivaceum Mycenastrum corium - capilitium Scarlet Elf Cup, Sarcoscypha coccinea Boletellus af chrysenteroides


Nev leads many forays throughout the year and is happy to discuss which species are considered the best edibles, and the dangers of collecting those that aren’t. As well as discovering the amazing diversity of fungi to be found in Scotland, we explore the important role fungi play in the functioning of life on our planet and in our own everyday lives.

Nev is also available for private forays, talks, and events. Please contact us for further information.

Mentoring and tuition

Nev teaches identification workshops for The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), as well as several other organisations. Private mentoring and tuition are also an option for those beginning their journey with fungi. Tuition is charged on a sliding scale dependant on each individual’s needs and circumstances – an exchange of skills or produce would even be considered. Distanced mentoring via online conferencing and email is a possible option, as well as in the field or laboratory.

Please contact us for more information.

Other Events

Nev runs several identification workshops both for beginners and for those who wish to develop their interest. He is involved also in many events to raise awareness of the importance of fungi, in association with organisations such as The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), TCV, Plantlife Scotland & Scottish Natural Heritage.


Have you been out at the weekend collecting fungi? Not sure what you have in your basket?

I also offer Identification Surgeries by appointment (a minimum charge of £5 applies, although this service is free if you have attended an event this year) please contact us for further information.


Scotland is an amazing myco-tourism destination, boasting a vast resource of woodlands and other habitats where one can discover the wonderful diversity of Caledonian fungi.

People visit Scotland for many reasons including its beautiful fungi. Fungi weekend breaks or week long group packages are available tailored to individual requirements.


A consortium of mycologists in Scotland, including Nev, have been working together to make a 'Scottish Fungi Hub' to act as a one-stop resource for everything to do with fungi and what is happening in Mycology in Scotland, please click on the link above, to access this truly amazing website.

Check out the site to see how to collect, identify and record fungi, how to photograph fungi if you would like it identified and follow the latest research work by the PhD students in Aberdeen.

Fungi enthusiasts from the Lothians and Edinburgh area may be interested to know that we have a local recording group The Fungus Group of South East Scotland (FGSES). This is a group that is focused on the identification and recording of fungal species - not on the collection of fungi for consumption. This friendly group of amateur and professional mycologists welcomes newcomers and beginners, so why not come out and join us one Sunday?